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Husband's salvation0December 21, 2020Details
Mercy & Grace & Protection0November 24, 2020Details
pet home0October 29, 2020Details
Mercy0September 24, 2020Details
Stroke1May 25, 2020Details
freedom1April 27, 2020Details
pet in danger1November 27, 2019Details
Finances3May 16, 2019Details

Husband's salvation

Sheela Sharath
Please pray for my husband Sharath's salvation. He walked away from Christ, away from our marriage and started worshiping idols (eastern religion). But God has promised me that He will lead him to repentance and use him and me in His work. All I can see is things getting worse, but I walk by faith not by sight. So please pray, I want my husband to accept Jesus and come back to me. God has promised to restore every thing back to me, so I'm waiting patiently. Also, couple of my friends (Jeba and Rose) are sick, please pray for their healing. God bless you all for your ministry. Thank you!

Mercy & Grace & Protection

Rob R
Please pray with me for my Mother and for the blessing of the Lord in My Life & Job. May the Grace, Peace and Protection of the holy spirit dwell in our lives. And that through the blood of Jesus, may we pray for the mercy and healing of the Lord in the life of Marcos de Souza Lima. Blessed be, amen. Thank you!

pet home

a. b.
please pray for ginger cat 10 y. to get a dopted and get out of animal shelter very soon! Thanks


Rob R
Please pray fervently that Marcos de Souza Lima be guided by the Holy Spirit. May all his actions be tied up in the Lord's hands. Blessed be my Mother and Fátima Rodriguez, My Live & Job; that the Grace & Mercy & Protection of our Lord Jesus be in our lives, amen. Thank You!


Vlado Arsov
Please pray for my father Kiro who had a stroke on Friday. He is in the ICU, not able to move, speak or eat. We are heartbroken and scared, but we know God is the best healer. Amen


Arkadii Boichuk
Please pray for me to have complete spiritual freedom and all my heart to belong to Jesus, to be blessed financially. Thanks a lot!

pet in danger

please pray for poor kitten 5 m.old to get adopted nad get out of the street very soon! Thanks


I would like prayer for my finances.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.