It's time to listen, feel and breathe in the refreshing wind of the Spirit and chase the movement of God among us. The church has always achieved the most when it had nothing but each other and the Spirit of God moving them along. What will God say to us?
How important is the story of Jesus walking on water? This week we are in chapter 6 of Mark and we come to this surprising and magical story of Jesus outside the disciples boat, walking toward them like he's going to pass by them and kind of looks like a ghost in the night. Why do we need to hear this story? What is the message for the disciples? How does it fit into the detailed account of Mark's telling of the story of Jesus so far? What meaning does it have for us today beyond a very surprising scene where Jesus can do something none of the rest of us can do. Surely Jesus walking across the lake is more than just a cool story about his supernatural abilities. Even more important, what inspiration can we glean from Jesus walking on the water for our mission at LIFE Adventist Church? You might be surprised!
Jesus and His life is what LIFE Adventist Church is all about. It is the very life of God in the person of Jesus Christ that we live every day and celebrate each week together. On this Easter weekend, we consider the ancient prophecies of the suffering and ministry of Jesus in Psalm 22-24.
This week as we continue our journey through Mark's telling of the story of Jesus, we run right into two people who's story should have ended quite differently. One just barely touched Jesus' robe and was healed. The other implored His help, nearly lost faith, but after clinging to Jesus' word experienced the miraculous raising of his daughter to life again.