LIFE Words by Ron Pickell

Do you struggle with faith? For some its just a matter of what they are asked to believe in. Trusting something or in someone can be as simple as knowing the person you are counting on. But then again, some people are just more skeptical by nature – a true doubting Thomas. Religious faith is not that different from belief period. Belief is all about relationship whether its a relationship with God, a person or a company. Trust demands relationship and strong healthy relationships must have trust. Being a Christian is about developing a relationship with God through Jesus Christ by trusting him that he came from God and is God in the flesh. It’s trusting him that his death was to end our death and his resurrection was to raise us up with him. It takes faith to believe that Jesus life, death, resurrection and ascension back to heaven was all for us that our own life of sinful failure could come to an end in Jesus death, and that we could experience new life in his resurrection from the dead, and that one day we will also follow him in a new life with God. The Christian life is a life of faith in Jesus. It is faith all the way, but it is never just faith as if those who are naturally trusting somehow do better at the Christian life than those who struggle with doubt. It is faith in Jesus, not faith in faith and through all that he has done for us, Jesus has given us much to believe in!