March 21, 2020

Virtual Worship & Discussion: God’s Protection

Passage: Psalm 91:9-13

Our world - not just our country, our state or our area - our world is different and we are not even at the pivotal point yet in this unbelievable pandemic. Everything I hear tells me that things are going to get much worse before we get on the other side of this. This is definitely a time for us to press together - to think about each other and to care for each other. It is time for us to help each other, our loved ones and the world in which we live. We especially need God's help - we need to seek God together in prayer!

Worship Topic Questions for tomorrow:

1. How are you handling the Shelter In Place requirement? What has been the most troubling and difficult thing for you concerning the Corona Virus? What do you need most right now?
2. What and who are you praying for?

3. What promises are you claiming for yourself and for others? How can we be sure of applying Bible promises correctly without expecting more than the promise allows? (See the promises listed below)

4. How do you answer people who consider COVID 19 to be one of the seals, trumpets or bowls of Revelation 6, 8 & 9, 15 & 16?

5. How are others helping answer your prayers? How is God helping you answer the prayers of others?

6. What suggestions do you have for staying close to one another while maintaining social distancing and helping to flatten the curve of spreading this disease?

7. What videos, books, home activities are you engaging in to keep up your spirits up while sheltering in place?